1 Dec, 2023

General Aviation, how we have reduced waiting times for supplies

In the aviation industry, the quality of the aerial refuelling service plays a very important role. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the latter respects the appropriate time and conditions.

The growing interest in General Aviation has posed new challenges in this context, calling for innovative solutions to ensure an unhindered travel experience for our customers.

In order to meet this growing demand, we have endeavoured to find effective, state-of-the-art methods, and in this article we will tell you which ones.

General Aviation Department

Starting this year, we have set up a team dedicated exclusively to general aviation management, so that we can focus more on this area.

Although the service is currently only active at a few airports, our ambition will be to extend it nationwide. The initial phase functioned as a test bed, allowing us to refine and improve processes before future expansion.

A dedicated team for efficient management

At the heart of this initiative is a specialised team of three multi-lingual, specialised operators, who take it in turns to be fully operational from 05.00 to 00.00, which is essential to respond promptly to our customers’ needs.

Improving scheduling and reducing waiting times

Thanks to careful management, we have been able to implement a more efficient schedule, significantly reducing waiting times and bureaucracy for our customers. Our priority is to offer a smooth travel experience, removing obstacles that could slow down the process.

Our innovative approach is gaining acceptance in the industry. Skippers appreciate the ability to schedule refuelling, avoiding long waits, and this has contributed to the growing success of the service.

An international-ready service

With our unwavering commitment to offering state-of-the-art solutions and a focus on operational excellence, we are confident that our approach to reducing waiting times will continue to consolidate our leading position in the private aviation sector.

Looking ahead, we are preparing to extend our service nationwide, bringing the benefits of this optimised management to a wider audience.

In conclusion, our commitment to optimising refuelling times is not only a step forward in the evolution of private aviation services, but also a sign of our dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

With our customer-centric vision and willingness to embrace innovation, we are helping to raise the standards of private aviation by offering a unique travel experience.