Levorato Marcevaggi, a story that has lasted more than 70 years and which continues in accordance with the principles of professionalism



Years of history

Our history


Levorato G. Autotrasporti is born, founded byCav. Giuseppe Levorato. The business started with one single vehicle dedicated to the transportation of LPG, and in the following years started its growth.

Given the increasing number of the vehicles fleet and for the constant need to monitor the tyres conditions, Cav. Giuseppe Levorato founded RIGOMMA, a Company still standing today within the Italian territory, thus creating a strong synergy between both companies.

The company, in continuous growth, transferred the office from Marghera to Campalto at Via Orlanda 47, the present headquarter of the company. In the meantime, the range of the products is enriched through semitrailers dedicated to the transportation of LPG for automotive utilization, anhydrous ammonia and carbon dioxide; the fleet has now reached the number of 50 vehicles.


Mario Remondini, an economics and chemistry graduate, fails to find a job after completing an internship at Eridania and asks for a loan from his mother. The Remondini, Queirolo and Barabino families acquire the shipping business of Luigi Vaggi founded by Marcello Vaggi.

Marcevaggi celebrates 25 years in business with 80 staff and a fleet of vehicles designed to carry petroleum and chemical products.

Chairman Emanuele Remondini launches the company abroad by opening offices and joint ventures in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and starts looking at Middle Eastern markets.

Levorato Marcevaggi

Levorato G. Autotrasporti and Marcevaggi Group converge in a single company under the name of LEVORATO MARCEVAGGI SRL becoming a reference point for the Italian Market.

Levorato Marcevaggi extend the transport activity abroad, by creating TRANSPLIN d.o.o, with registered office in Croatia. The Company is still active and create a strong synergy within the European transport sector. The range of the product is even more diversified thanks to the entry of the refrigerated liquefied gases, among which oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

Levorato Marcevaggi officially became part of the aviation industry, initially with the jet fuel depots at Tessera (Vce) and Treviso (TSF). The following years the presence of Levorato Marcevaggi in the Italian market of storage and intoplane services is reinforced by conducting business at the main Italian airports such us: Bergamo (BGY), Fiumicino (FCO), Malpensa (MXP) Linate (LIN) and Napoli (NAP).

The expansion in the European Aviation industry starts on 1st December 2017, when Levorato Marcevaggi acquires and set up a business at Prague (PRG) Airport in Czech Republic.

We invest for a costant updates

What have always characterized the company is the attention we give for the exploitation of equipment, software and cutting-edge technical processes in order to remain always aligned to the highest standards of the sector.
Aggiornamento tecnologico e manutenzione - Levorato Marcevaggi

Pioneers in the LPG supply chain

Since the beginning of its history, Levorato G. Autotrasporti company started to explore the utilisation of the emerging source of energy by cooperating with Liquigas in the realisation at Marghera of the first inland LPG supply facility in Italy.

Following the evolution of the demand based on an increasing widespread usage of LPG, the company equipped itself with adequate vehicles to deal with the new applications.


Precise and on-time deliveries

The service at the first place. Punctuality during the execution of the transports and fuellings, the experience of the different procedures of loading and unloading throughout the Italian refineries and depots, scrupulous maintenance of the vehicles and the recruitment activity contributes to increase the prestige which the company earned during over 70 years of business.