20 May, 2024

HSSEQ Policy: what it is and how we strive to comply with it in aviation services

We live in an era where issues concerning safety, health, the environment, and quality have become increasingly relevant to the corporate world.

In this context, the acronym HSSEQ, which stands for Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality, represents a set of crucial values for ensuring the sustainable success of businesses.

In this article, we will delve into the meaning and objectives of the HSSEQ Policy, its application in the aviation refueling sector, and see how Levorato Marcevaggi has adopted this tool to ensure procedures aligned with the highest industry standards.

What is the HSSEQ Policy and what is it for?

We live in a time when attention to safety, health, and the environment are issues that companies are increasingly called upon to address. Over time, adopting a tool capable of outlining the guidelines for tackling these issues has become fundamentally important.

The HSSEQ Policy is the strategic document that outlines the company’s commitments and guidelines for the integrated management of health, safety, environment, and quality.

Its importance lies in creating a safe, healthy, and environmentally respectful workplace, capable of promoting high-quality standards.

How is the HSSEQ Policy applied to aviation fuel refueling services?

When it comes to refueling services for airports and airlines, safety, sustainability, and quality are indispensable. Aviation fuel refueling is an intricate process that requires utmost attention to a series of critical factors.

The HSSEQ policy is the essential foundation for ensuring high standards at all stages of refueling in the aviation industry.

Let’s look at some specific aspects:

Health and Safety

To ensure a safe working environment, personnel must receive specialized training. It must also be ensured that workers correctly use Personal Protective Equipment to minimize the risk of exposure to hazardous substances. Operational procedures must always be documented and clear to ensure that refueling is carried out safely.


Strict access controls must be carried out to limit entry to refueling areas to authorized personnel only, reducing the risk of potentially harmful acts. The implementation of surveillance systems also helps monitor operations and prevent suspicious activities, ensuring a secure airport environment.


Responsible waste management must be programmed with procedures aimed at the proper disposal of hazardous liquids and materials resulting from refueling operations. To reduce environmental impact, it is also recommended to favor the use of cleaner fuels and energy conservation in equipment.


The HSSEQ policy ensures rigorous quality control of the fuel supplied, ensuring it meets the standards required for aviation. Regular maintenance of equipment is equally essential, ensuring reliability to avoid potential malfunctions.

Levorato Marcevaggi’s commitment to a refueling service aligned with the highest standards

Since 1996, all our company’s procedures have adhered to a stringent HSSEQ policy with continuous staff training focused on maintaining the high levels achieved over the years.

Specializing in the storage and boarding of Jet fuel for airports, oil companies, and airlines, the company scrupulously adheres to the guidelines recommended by the JIG (Guidelines for Aviation Fuel Quality Control & Operating Procedures) standards.

Our commitment to safety, sustainability, and quality translates into concrete actions, such as the implementation of a Start and Stop system on company vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and energy waste, demonstrating a tangible commitment to environmental sustainability.

In recent years, we have also invested in the safety and sustainability of transportation by adopting alternative fuels for the fleet, primarily LNG, an alternative fuel that reduces greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by 20%.

The fuel quality control service is also implemented in compliance with the highest international standards and confirmed by a high number of inspections conducted by leading airlines and oil companies, demonstrating our utmost care and respect for all necessary procedures.